A few members of Lil Uzi Vert's team are being put on blast for allegedly scamming a man out of thousands of dollars worth of hyped sneakers. While some people seriously believe that Lil Uzi Vert is the devil and are throwing bibles at him during his shows, his surrounding team may actually be the evil ones. According to Highsnobiety, Twitter user @akaElJefe is accusing Lil Uzi Vert's manager of scamming him out of several pairs of sneakers and if he doesn't get them back, he claims to have access to a handful of unreleased Uzi tracks, which he is fully prepared to leak.

The man says that his relationship with Uzi's entourage began when he sold them a pair of Yeezy 700's. When he was invited to a show by Uzi's manager, he decided to sell them a few pairs of exclusive Off-White x Nike sneakers from the initial "The Ten" collection. Considering he sold them to the crew at a reasonably low price, he figured he was giving them a good deal. According to him though, Uzi's manager claimed the shoes were fake. After providing receipts and proof that they were authentic, @akaElJefe gave up and requested for the sneaks to be sent back but he still hasn't seen them to this day. According to him, the manager blocked his phone number after he refunded the money so he's taking extreme measures, threatening to leak four new Uzi songs with "1600," "Of Course," "5 Min," and "This Way" being mentioned in the tweets.

Check out the tweet thread below and judge for yourself. Hopefully, Uzi's manager does the right thing and sends them back because, if not, his client may be getting some songs leaked.