Lil Uzi Vert is a man of the people, having consistently engaged with his fans on a grassroots level. It's no wonder he has built up such a loyal, bordering on devout following, not unlike the cult leaders inspiring his Eternal Atake album title. Yesterday, Uzi came through and held it down in a major way, linking up with an unknown rapper at what appears to be a spontaneous gas station freestyle -- and a back-and-forth one at that. 

Lil Uzi Vert

 Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

While it's hard to discern how this encounter came to be, it seems as if a rapper by the name of Dre Havik was at a gas station when he crossed paths with Lil Uzi. Somehow, the pair decided to partake in a cypher of sorts, with Havik ably setting things off over production from HG Savage. Despite having never collaborated (or even met) before, the duo have a surprising amount of chemistry, playing off each other effectively as they trade off bars.

"Man those n***as they right behind us but I don't give a fuck cause that 30 still on me," raps Uzi, fueled by excited ad-libs and clearly having a great time. "Yeah I pulled up these n***as wanna talk but I just started shootin' Lil Uzi a one-man army." As for Havik, he more than holds his own with a confident flow; it's unclear how he managed to spark this freestyle session off, but you can bet he'll remember this one for the rest of his life. Check it out for yourself below.