You can almost hear the signature Jadakiss laugh echoing throughout the consciousness of "real-hip-hop-heads" as they wake up in a cold sweat, wondering what manner of horror has just transpired. 

Lox legend Jadakiss posted a picture of himself, Faith Evans, and Lil Uzi Vert sitting a table, clearly feeling some inebriated vibes. From the plethora of empty cups, it seems as if the group put in some serious work. I like to think Styles P is the one taking the picture, after a drunken suggestion from Louch. 

This unity of old school and new school hip-hop comes during a time when both sides appear mutually exclusive. The majority of the comments on Jada's post decry the fact that he would ever respect Uzi as an artist, and vice versa. It's actually pretty sad, especially when both artists are dope in their own right. If anything can be learned from this picture, it's okay to enjoy both older and newer eras of hip-hop. One does not erase the other, and yes, they can co-exist. 

Now let's get that Kiss & Uzi collab we never knew we wanted.