Lil Uzi Vert and City Girl's 1/2 JT have been rumored to be an item since late 2019. While neither has publically confirmed their relationship, they have both dropped hints on their social media and in their song lyrics suggesting they might be a little more than friends. Just the other day in a quick tweet-and-delete, the "Lo Mein" rapper mentioned he had "turnt a hoe to a house wife," while JT implied she had "turnt a trick to my husband." While the tweets may have been just banter, the new Eliantte-sized rock the Miami-bred artist donned in some new selfies suggest her and Uzi may have been serious. 

The 28-year-old shared a series of captionless mirror-selfies to her Twitter account Friday (February 26), striking seductive glances to the camera. While she looked beautiful in the selfies, all eyes were focused on the giant diamond-encrusted rock sitting pretty on her right-ring finger. Fans of the "Winnin'" rapper instantly recognized the ring as a custom Elliot Eliantte ring that Uzi had commissioned way back in 2019. 

Uzi is a huge fan of the jeweler and enlisted him to customize the $24 million pink diamond on his forehead. Check out a close-up of the flashy pink-diamond ring below. 

It seems like the ring has been in Uzi's possession for quite some time and decided to pass it off to JT, which suggests their relationship may be advancing. We'll keep you updated on any more news about the fiery duo