Lil Uzi Vert is known among his fanbase as Baby Pluto, Orenji, Sasuke, or simply Uzi. He's trying to add a new moniker to his growling list of nicknames, basing his latest alias on something that Jay-Z recently told him.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The trendsetting rapper has always been one of the most original forces in hip-hop. His beat selection, courtesy of Maaly Raw, Brandon Finessin, Supah Mario, and many other talented producers, is out-of-this-world and so is his overall persona. Uzi is one of the strangest people in rap, embracing his quirks and challenging the norm on a daily basis. Last week, he shook the world up when he debuted his brand new forehead piercing, featuring a $24 million pink diamond. According to his latest tweet, the 26-year-old Philadelphia native has been catching up with his Roc Nation boss Jay-Z, who has allegedly compared him to one of the all-time icons of the music industry.

"OG and Hov said I’m Like Prince I’m Lil Prince now," wrote Lil Uzi on Twitter. While Uzi's music sounds very different from Prince's, both artists conducted themselves in the most fascinating of ways. The similarities in their behaviors are clear, and their willingness to continue breaking down barriers is inspiring. Obviously, Uzi is proud that one of rap's legends is praising him as such, embracing the comparison with a new nickname.

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