Yesterday, a video of Lil Uzi Vert reportedly being put in handcuffs went viral. The arrest in question was purported to have stemmed from a paintball fight the rapper had in the middle of the street. In the video clip, a group of police officers with a police van detain three men, and out of view, there is another police vehicle and another cop or two. It's unclear what exactly went down, but Uzi is speaking up today to assure fans he's doing fine and he is not currently behind bars.

Taking to his IG Story, Uzi told the internet: "Stop saying I'm locked up, I never got locked up. What the fuck, I've been on the phone the whole time." He adds, "Who gets locked up but criminals? I'm not a criminal."

In the haphazardly-shot clip, Uzi is seen moving out of camera view, with the caption "That's so dumb" overlaid on top.

lil uzi vert arrest

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Take a look at his update below.

In related Random Uzi News of the day: a news anchor on MSNBC went viral this morning after he quoted Uzi lyrics when discussing the qualities of presidential candidate Joe Biden. The lyrics in question were taken from Uzi's "Super Saiyan" Luv Is Rage cut.