Lil Uzi Vert has been getting candid about his sex life recently, or lack thereof rather. While spilling all the tea on Twitter back in December, Uzi confessed that he hadn't had sex in two years. Although he estimated his last sexual interaction to have taken place during "like end of 2018", which does not really equate to two years, we will still commend his commitment to celibacy. 

It's been over a month since Uzi disclosed this information and it turns out he is still abstaining from intercourse. Totally unprompted, he tweeted on Saturday (Feb. 8), "When you are Celibate your thoughts are just clear and pure I Feel AMAZING [smiley face emoji]."

Not long after first revealing his sexless lifestyle, the Philly rapper detailed that he made the choice because he's primarily looking to "connect." While this provides one explanation for riding the celibacy wave, Uzi has also been locked in the studio completing his next album, Eternal Atake, which may not allow him much time to have sex, or even to connect! The good news is that this newfound clearheadedness may result in Uzi making the best music of his career. 

In other Uzi news, he has publicly requested for people to start referring to him as Renji or ORENJI, as he seems to be channeling an anime character that sports the same orange hairdo as he does. Maybe Renji is waiting for RiRi to put an end to his dry spell