Rumors of a brewing romance between A$AP Rocky and Rihanna has been brewing for some time, but the two artists have remained hush-hush about their personal lives. Even as reports surfaced this week that the pair of musicians are romantically linked, Rocky nor Rihanna has come forward to confirm the news. They've been photographed by onlookers enjoying each other's company in New York City, and the possibility of Rihanna once again being off the market is something that is hitting Lil Uzi vert pretty hard.

We've witnessed as Lil Uzi Vert has attempted to shoot his shot at the Fenty mogul by wearing clothes with her face, posing in front of her pop-up shops, and hoping that she'll one day realize that he's "the one" for her. We reported that following the A$AP Rocky news Uzi unfollowed his crush, but he returned to Instagram Story to lament once again about the gossip.

"Can't be true," Uzi penned over a grainy paparazzi photo of the alleged couple. He didn't offer up much else, but it's clear he's hoping that he still has a chance with RiRi. However, Rihanna isn't his only focus, as the rapper has been talking to fans about his recent run-in with a knife. Uzi accidentally stabbed his face while opening a package, and he told Twitter users that he can't wait to see how the scar turns out. Check out his Instagram Story below.

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