Could babies be in the near future for Lil Uzi Vert and JT? The couple has been flaunting their love all across social media, stepping out for extravagant shopping dates and posting pictures on Instagram. After hiding their relationship for about a year, they're finally comfortable enough to showcase their status as more than friends. They've been gushing over one another for weeks and, last night on Instagram Live, JT couldn't help herself from blushing out-of-control when Uzi invaded the session. 

The two spoke about JT's day at work, which involved a few photoshoots. Their cute exchange also included a bit that fans have been going crazy over, with Uzi telling JT that he wants to have her children.

"Okay baby, I love you. Let's have some chocolate babies," said Uzi before getting off the call. "Okay, I got you," replied JT, bashful about it all. "I'ma have you a few," she added after he hung up. Could we be welcoming some babies from the hottest new rap couple sometime soon?

This wasn't the only exchange they shared over the last twenty-four hours on social media. Uzi also posted their text messages, in which he asks the City Girl to curse a girl out for him on Twitter. She appears to have obliged.

On JT's side, her man has been trolling her by using a filter that gives her a bleeding diamond in the middle of her forehead, much like he personally sported after getting his $24 million implant.

Are you a fan of JT and Lil Uzi Vert together? Are you excited about the possibility of them having kids?