Lil Uzi Vert has never been afraid to go absolutely crazy when it comes to his personal fashion choices. He wore goth raver jeans and a Balenciaga hoodie to the Grammy Awards, and a quick trip to his Instagram feed will see any number of fit pics that can feature anything from a Marilyn Manson t-shirt to a Chanel purse

GQ, one of the forefront men's fashion magazines in the world, has published a profile of Uzi, focusing on his style, and how it affects his music. 

For the most part, Uzi doesn't seem to be much of a talker, so any insight into his behavior usually has to come from others. Jeff Koons, the famed visual artist, is apparently an outspoken fan of Uzi's, and finds him "very poetic." In speaking with Uzi's friends and entourage, it becomes clear just how important fashion is to Uzi, in that it's pretty much the only thing he cares about. According to them, Uzi will usually spend "nothing less than four zeros" on clothes, pretty much every time they go shopping, which is often. Far from detracting from the music, however, his friends claim that his clothes actually fuel his music, as he draws a lot of inspiration from them. 

As for Uzi, he does manage to give a little bit of insight into his personal style, as he defines it as: "dressed in the dark." Perhaps meaning that he dresses like he can't even see what it is that he's wearing.