The journey to Eternal Atake was a long one but Lil Uzi Vert delivered. The sophomore album from the Philadelphia rapper was well-received from most fans, despite its incredibly lengthy tracklist. Eternal Atake produced several hits but it seems that fans might not have to wait as long for his follow-up.

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Uzi has apparently been locked in the studio cooking up new tunes for his forthcoming effort which he announced would be called The Real Uzi 2. During a recent live stream, the rapper offered some insight into the creative process behind the album, describing the effort as "legendary." "I'ma drop an album and I'ma go so hard, bro” Lil Uzi Vert said. “Everybody that doubted me, I’ll still except y'all right back because the more, the merrier. I’m not even going to say this shit is hard because I don’t know what hard is no more. This shit is going to be legendary, I know that.”

As usual, he's provided fans with some previews of some of the music he's been working on recently. The rapper's hinted that his next project would be a return to form that he described as "Soundcloud bops," referencing the early years of his career.

Since he wasn't able to hit the road with Eternal Atake, it wouldn't be shocked if he emerged with a new album this summer to tour on this fall.

Check his announcement out below.