Lil Uzi dropped a surprise single on us on this fine Sunday, and his use of the Backstreet Boys' 1999 hit, "I Want It That Way" on "That Way" is hitting fans the right way. While the world awaits his sophomore album, Eternal Atake, Uzi decided to increase the anticipation by releasing the next single off the impending project. Fans were totally caught off guard when the unpredictable artist released "That Way," but it's Uzi's sample of one of the biggest boybands of all time that has everyone the most hyped.

Lil Uzi Vert Backstreet Boys Sample That Way I Want It That Way fans react interpolation Steven Ferdman/Getty Images for TIDAL

"That Way" begins with a rendition of the title lyric which serves as the song's hook on "I Want It That Way," but takes a quick departure to Uzi's signature sound. The interpolation returns on the chorus as Uzi belts out the same line over and over, and fans are living for this fire crossover.

Some even joked that the Backstreet Boys will be pissed when they hear that Uzi "stole their flow," but there's almost no way that Uzi didn't get the sample cleared. The boys have yet to respond to "That Way," but they'll likely be flattered by the homage.