Every time Lil Uzi Vert posts a slideshow of his outfit on Instagram, my day improves exponentially (despite being reminded how broke I am). His habit of showing his #OOTD from several different angles started a few months back and it's been straight flexing ever since. He usually displays each article of clothing individually, provides a zoomed-in glance of whatever ice he happens to be rocking, and sometimes shows the whip he chose to accompany said fit.

Today, Uzi graced us with all of the above. The first pic of the batch gives us a full-body view of his outfit, as he stands in front of two cream-colored cars: an Audi R8 and a Lamborghini truck. Upon closer examination of the third pic, a keen eye will notice that the Eternal Atake artist coordinated the orange on his t-shirt to match the soles of his 2003 "West Indies" edition AF1s, the front grill on his Lambo, and his Cactus Plant Flea Market hat (all without the help of a stylist, as his Insta bio makes sure to point out!). 

While his bedazzled Supreme hoodie and camo tracks pants are pretty cool, the next item to catch your attention in the slideshow is surely the icey FBG chain on his neck. While it is unconfirmed whether Future, the Freebandz father, gifted or lent Uzi this necklace, it is nice to imagine that he did. 

Well done, Uzi. Keep up the good work.