The problem with flexing your easily-identifiable vehicle on the Gram when you're a celebrity is that you're potentially opening the door to harassment by fans. Lil Uzi Vert has been showing off his $2 million primary-colored Bugatti Veyron to his millions of followers recently and that has led to him being targeted by one particularly frustrated fan. 

A video that is now circulating the web shows someone driving past Uzi's whip, as Pop Smoke's "MPR" blares in the background (RIP). The culprit scribbled a note that read "DROP THE FUCKING ALBUM UZI" and tried to drop it on the Bugatti's windshield. Given the nature of aerodynamics, throwing the paper out the car window did not result in it successfully landing in the intended spot. Therefore, unless the fan decided to get out of the car to replace the paper or Uzi happened to discover it on the ground, Uzi probably didn't see it. However, I'm sure he's aware of the widespread discontent about his sophomore album,Eternal Atake, taking so damn long. He has been giving signs that it's not too far away, though. 

There was another incident this week of Uzi's Bugatti being identified by a fan. An NYC pedestrian tried to prevent cops from damaging the whip while putting a boot on it