Can you really consider yourself a new-school rapper if you don't have face tattoos? As sad as that question may seem, take it into consideration for a second. A good number of today's young stars have at least one distinctive marking on their face, designed by a tattoo artist. Whether you've got teardrops, a cross, a quote, or something else, there's a good chance your favorite rapper (between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five) has a couple of face tattoos. Lil Uzi Vert is not an exception to the rule. The Philadelphia spitter has been quiet on the music front lately and, as we all wait for news on Eternal Atake, the fit pic king is back with another look at his fashion goals.

Phillip Faraone/Getty Images

Telling the world earlier this month that he's actually way more passionate about clothing and his personal style than music, Uzi proved that once more by posting some detailed shots of his current look. Taking to Instagram, the photos run through his lavish wardrobe, including his Goyard trunk, snakeskin pants, luxury watch, denim jacket and NBA Finals cap. The post is much-less focused on the actual details of the fit this time around. Instead, some of the uploads are blurry and the most-clear pic is of his face, where all his tattoos are on display.

In case you forgot, Uzi's visage is significantly filled with smaller pieces, including religious imagery under his left eye and several words etched across his forehead. Do you think Uzi has some of the most tasteful face tats in the game? At least it's better than what Aaron Carter got this weekend.