Lil Uzi Vert has been one of the most enigmatic artists in the game for some time now as it times, it feels like he lives on a whole other plane of existence. The Luv Is Rage 2 rapper hasn't released a project since August of 2017 and fans are wondering when exactly Eternal Atake will finally drop. Uzi went through a plethora of label issues but now it appears as though he's been giving the go-ahead to drop music which means Eternal Atake shouldn't be too far away. 

When Uzi isn't in the studio making music, he can be found posting fit pics on his Instagram that tend to be some well-shot masterpieces that have runway models shaking in their boots. Last night though, Uzi appeared to be in a more playful mood as he was seen joyfully dancing in his car as he was being driven.

With limited space at his disposal, Uzi dances using only his arms and hands, allowing him to showcase his flexibility. Considering Uzi is only 5'3", it's not all that surprising that Uzi is able to move around this but height aside, we're just glad Uzi is having a good time. As he once proclaimed in his own words, when he stands on his money, he's 6'6".