Lil Uzi Vert might be trolling again but the rapper allegedly just found out that he's not actually the age he thought he was. On Twitter, he said that his mother just found his birth certificate and, apparently, they've thought that he was a year older than he actually was for his entire life.

"Wait wtf I’m turning 26??? My mom found my birth certificate," tweeted Lil Uzi.

The rapper has had a strange fixation with "the 27 club" for years, addressing a theory last year that he planned to die at that age. Perhaps this is simply his way of bypassing the "27 club"?

"Damn bro so you was 18 but really 17," asked one fan. "Yes WTFFF!!!" responded Uzi.

When someone tried to fact-check him and ask how he got his license if he never knew his correct age, Uzi replied and said that he doesn't have his license. "So you drive your Really expensive anime Sport cars without a license?" they asked. "Yes," he responded, with a smiley face. 

For what it's worth, last week, Lil Uzi (and Grimes) tried to convince his fans that he was in the process of purchasing a new exoplanet. Experts later deemed that his claims were "bogus." Maybe he's lying about his real age too?

Lil Uzi Vert's birthday has already been updated on Wikipedia, stating that he was born on July 31, 1995 instead of 1994. With his birthday coming up in a few days, it looks like we'll be reliving the rapper's twenty-sixth year all over again.

Rich Fury/Getty Images