Philadelphia rapper Lil Uzi Vert already knows that he's going to end up marrying Rihanna. That much has been set in stone for years. During his Twitter rant against producers last month, the recording artist slid in a remark that he's still waiting for RiRi to realize that he's "the one" for her. Responding to our tweet on the matter, Uzi himself admitted that he probably doesn't have a chance with the Bajan beauty. "She would never look at me," he cried. Despite his lack of confidence in actually believing that he could share a life with the pop star outside of his dreams, he's still shooting his shot on a regular basis. Rocking an outfit filled with Anti merchandise, L-U-V continued his pursuit of Rihanna in a new dance video on Instagram. 

We've already seen Lil Uzi Vert wear Rihanna's tour merch in the past but this ensemble is by far the most extreme get-up we've seen from the rapper. With "Futsal Shuffle 2020" taking off on the charts, Fenty may actually have her eyes open for the 25-year-old Roc Nation artist. He showed off his Anti hoodie, pairing the top with jeans containing photos of Rihanna's face all over them. The entire fit was topped off with some Air Jordan Concord 11's. 

Clearly, Uzi still feels a way toward Rihanna. We'll ask again... do you think he has a chance?