The build-up to the release of Eternal Atake was agonizing for diehard Lil Uzi Vert fans. There seemed to be controversy regarding the album's delivery, and we later learned that there were delays that caused Uzi to have to hit the studio to refine his project.Eternal Atake made an unsurprising debut at the top of the charts, but even with a No.  spot secured, the rapper recently revealed that it wasn't as powerful as he'd wanted.

Uzi chatted with W Magazine and discussed his acclaimed project, admitting that the final product wasn't as impressive as his initial vision for the album.

Lil Uzi Vert, Eternal Atake, W Magazine
Bennett Raglin / Stringer / Getty Images

"All of my music forEternal Atake got leaked, so I had to redo it," said Uzi. "It didn’t reach its full potential—I just knew it wasn’t the sound I was going for. Let’s just say 'Eternal Atake,' for another artist, would have been really good, because it was super dumbed down to where everyone could enjoy it, but that’s not my artistry. I want my new music to be more intimate to my real fans. I wanted it to be almost cultlike.

Uzi also revealed that he's switched up how he approaches creating music. "No, I’m just leaving songs how they are instead of trying to make the perfect song. I was following the other guys too much," said Uzi. W wanted to know what "guys" the rapper was referring to. "I was listening to all the industry guys and their formats—it was confusing me, because these guys are getting No. 1’s."

"But I realized the music ain’t even living; their No. 1’s are real quick," he added. "I had to realize this is their beginning; they’re younger than me, so they have room to do that. I don’t have room to do that. I used to always look at all the young guys and be like, 'Oh, shout out this guy.' I ain’t shouting out nobody no more."

Do you think Uzi's formula should be the new approach? Revisit Eternal Atake below.