Gervonta Davis' name has begun to reach the highest level of infamy. The powerful boxer just knocked out Leo Santa Cruz in the sixth round of their junior lightweight title fight. Davis' mentor and promoter, Floyd Mayweather Jr., was a big inspiration for the ring walk prior to the fight. The bruising boxer elected to have Lil Uzi Vert accompany him on his walkout, performing his single "Bean (Kobe)" featuring Chief Keef. Davis was dressed in a sombrero and Mexican flag, which mimicked Floyd Mayweather Jr. coming out with 50 Cent dressed the same way before the fight with Oscar De La Hoya.

"First, I want to say, I'm a pay-per-view star. Second, I ain't dodging nobody," Davis stated after the win. "I'm going to continue to show the world that I am No. 1. I don't have to call nobody out. I'm the top dog and everyone knows that. Just set them up and I'll knock them down, one by one."

As far as his performance, Davis was a little more modest. "I can't grade [my performance] right now but once I go back and look it over, I will be able to tell," Davis stated. "[Landing uppercuts] wasn't a key but I tapped into what he was bringing. I know he was the taller fighter and he was crutching up and moving forward. So I threw the jab and then an uppercut to try and make him run into the shot."