If you woke up to a bunch of SoundCloud notifications from Lil Uzi Vert's page, you likely found out pretty quickly that, unfortunately, the 26-year-old rapper did not release any new music.

While he is featured on Lil Tecca's new song "Dolly", the Philadelphia native did not come through with any solo material last night. He was, however, hacked by some kids who found a way onto his SoundCloud page to promote their own music.

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Figuring out how to gain access to Uzi's SoundCloud account, the hackers proceeded to upload a couple of songs to the page. The same people also took control of Don Cannon's Twitter feed, sending out hateful messages about Uzi, who he has been fighting with for a few years.

"Ima make sure uzi never drop again omm," wrote the hackers, pretending to be Don Cannon. They followed that up with a claim that Uzi is dropping a new album next week.

If you check Don's page now, it's still being controlled by the buffoons who decided to have some fun this morning. Don confirmed that he was hacked with a post on IG. 

"Someone hacked my Twitter page So anything being said on there is false. Thanks CANNON," he wrote. The producer proceeded to claim that his email address was also compromised. 

"Again my Twitter and email is hacked," he continued. "If you see them bullshit tweets and get fake beats from my email it's not me."

Hopefully, they're able to regain access to their accounts soon.