Now that we can finally breathe after receiving Tha Carter V, we're starting to hear from those involved with the project as well as the people that have supported Lil Wayne throughout his career. Even though he's currently being investigated for his potential role in a 2015 shooting of Weezy's tour bus, Birdman spoke up to praise his "son" as the "King of Hip-Hop." The New Orleans rapper is viewed by many as the greatest artist in his genre and Tha Carter V only helped to grow his legacy even further. Of course, with the massive levels of hype, there were fans that have expressed disappointment in the project. One thing is for sure though: some of these songs are the hottest cuts from any album this year. "Mona Lisa" is no exception.

In a recent interview with DJ Booth, producer Infamous spoke about how exactly the Kendrick Lamar collaboration came about, revealing that he would probably have just leaked it himself if it didn't drop this year. After waiting for years, we don't necessarily blame him. He said, "A song like this—I’m gonna keep it real with you—if it wouldn’t have come out this year or even next year, I probably would have leaked it myself." Infamous was part of Tha Carter III, which suffered albums worth of leaked material so for him to even consider leaking the collab speaks volumes. 

"I think that song is too crazy for it to just live on a laptop. I felt the world of hip-hop needed to hear this song. So no matter what, I would’ve leaked it at some point," he continued. Thankfully, we received the song organically through the eventual release of C5 and we're glad we were patient enough to wait. Was it worth the wait though?