On Lil Wayne's new album Funeral, the legendary New Orleans rapper speaks about his plus-size model bae, teasing that they may actually be engaged and, this weekend, the pair stepped out and made things official on social media for the first time. After making their debut as a couple at the Funeral release party, Weezy F and his baby celebrated Valentines Day as a collective unit, setting up fireworks in their hearts and souls, as well as in the streets of Miami. 

Lil Wayne La'Tecia Thomas instagram
Gerardo Mora/Getty Images

Though they may not have outright confirmed that they're dating (or engaged as the gossip websites are stating), La'Tecia Thomas posted Lil Wayne on her page for the first time this weekend, following her string of Tunechi-based posts. The Aussie model has been dropping hints for months, sharing his lyrics as captions, wearing a "Carter" necklace, and draping herself in a bunch of branded merchandise from the rap superstar. They appear together as they light up some fireworks, both sporting huge smiles on their faces. They truly look like a couple in love and we couldn't be happier for Weezy and La'Tecia if that's the case.

How did you spend your Valentines Day? Was there as much cheer and joy as Weezy in this picture?