As if Lil Wayne and Wiz Khalifa aren’t making enough money these days, the two are looking to expand their bank accounts thanks to a new profession in DJ'ing.

According to TMZ, both Wayne & Wiz have been inspired by Snoop Dogg's recent success with spinning music, which includes a residency in Vegas, that the two rappers are now setting their own prices and looking to follow in suit.

However, If you’re wanting Weezy or Wiz to DJ your next party then you better start saving now. Lil Wayne is reportedly charging $60K to DJ an event, while Wiz’ rate is $25K. In addition to these rates, both rappers demand VIP treatment for their time at the gig, as well as first class flights to get there.

TMZ reports that both artist have already booked gigs, with the first appearance at Heat in Orange County, California. Wiz has even been using a new moniker, DJ Daddy Cat, for some of his shows already.

Would you spend that type of bread for either of these two to DJ?