Over the course of quarantine, the one major complaint that was pretty much heard from most households was the fact that there was no more basketball. The NBA was put on pause, and rightfully so, in regards to social distancing measures and overall concerns regarding the coronavirus. It's back, though, and even though fans can't buy tickets to watch the games in person, fans can now tune in virtually as crowd members.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Watching the game from home isn't necessarily ideal for dedicated fans but it'll do for the time being. And even then, there are some pros that come along with watching from home. As fans tune in to be apart of the virtual crowds, Lil Wayne popped up on screen last night. As you're aware, Wayne loves his weed as much as he loves the NBA. A clip went viral on social media after fans caught Wayne taking a hit off of a blunt off camera before exhaling a huge cloud of smoke on screen. It was rather quick but Wayne was not slick with it.

This isn't Wayne's first time being part of the virtual crowd. A few weeks back, the rapper made a surprise appearance on screen as he tried to give another audience member a virtual high five. Check the clip out below.