One of the best to ever do it, Lil Wayne has built himself quite the reputation in hip-hop. For years upon years, the Louisiana rapper has proven that he's one of the quickest thinkers on the microphone, jumping into the booth and spitting out quotables like it were nothing. Clearly, this man has a superior gift and we will forever appreciate him and his catalog of musical releases. That doesn't mean he's exempt from a troll-job every now and again though. This time, he was the one delivering the roast to himself.

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

We'd be down to watch a complete roast of Lil Wayne on Comedy Central someday but, for now, we've got to live with his occasional self-trolling. It doesn't happen too often on social media but Tunechi does get a kick out of laughing at himself. This time, he posted a photo of himself getting high off some loud and captioned it hilariously to reflect his state in the moment. "Weezy f lazy...eye," wrote the rapper, which is quite accurate given the content being presented. Tune can barely keep both his eyes open and, while he doesn't necessarily have just one lazy eye, it looks like he might fall asleep altogether. The black and white photo was perfectly capture by Robert Diaz aka @eyekon_photography.

In other Wayne-related news, the superstar artist made headlines after Blink-182 defended his actions on their joint tour this summer. Weezy stormed off stage during one show but Blink was adamant that he was a dream to work with, explaining that the crowd just wasn't feeling him.