Lil Wayne is a legend in hip-hop and over the past couple of decades, he has helped define some style trends. He has been known for his affiliations with Bape while also helping set the tone for Reebok in the 2000s. No matter what Wayne is wearing, people pay attention and begin to emulate him. Due to his influence in the sneaker world, Complex had Wayne on an episode of "Sneaker Shopping" where he dropped quite a bit of money at Neiman Marcus in Miami.

The episode starts with Joe La Puma asking Wayne about the sneakers he's worn over the years and how Wayne actually helped influence Kendrick Lamar to sign with Reebok. Wayne even spoke about his New Orleans influence and how it shaped the way he dressed.

At the end of the episode, Wayne was given the opportunity to cop some sneakers and that's exactly what he did. Wayne dropped over $7500 and came through with numerous pairs of Balenciaga Speed Trainers. Wayne came away with over a dozen pairs of shoes and about half of them, were in fact, the Speed Trainer. He also bought some Versace slippers as well as designer shoes from Dior and Dolce & Gabbana.

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