This summer, Lil Wayne reportedly sold Young Money's masters to Universal Music Group for $100 million. That type of money would be life-changing for just about anybody, but for Lil Wayne, it feels like he could have reached much higher, especially considering Bob Dylan just sold his entire catalog for approximately $300 million. 

People are seriously angry about the new update in this story, as it was initially reported as though he had sold his own masters for that price. Now, it's coming out that Drake's pre-2018 discography and Nicki Minaj's albums were likely included. The specifics of the deal remain very unclear, and with Drake and Nicki both claiming that they own their masters on multiple occasions, it's not definite how this will affect them. Still, fans are going off on Lil Wayne for this business move, using social media as a means to completely obliterate the rapper.

"All that beefin with Birdman, just for Wayne to sell his masters BACK to Universal," wrote one person on Twitter, disappointed in Wayne's decision. Wayne has been trending all day on the platform with over 40,000 individual posts about the situation. As you can imagine, people are pissed.

It's worth pointing out that this deal likely only includes collaborative joints between Lil Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Tyga, and everybody else on Young Money, and not their individual catalogs. 

Still, the man got a bag for this, regardless of whether you agree with the move or not.

Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic/Getty Images

How do you feel about the Young Money masters being sold?