Last night, Lil Wayne graced the stage to perform a new remix of Imagine Dragons' song "Believer" with the band, as well as his C5 standout "Uproar." When he stepped onto the stage, fans were a little confused about what he was wearing. His outfit consisted of knee-high boots, several coats, a scarf, fingerless gloves, and red shiny pants. Needless to say, it was not received well on social media. The performance took place during the halftime show of ESPN's college football program and some people, like Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin, decided to voice their opinions on Tunechi's set.

The Governor tweeted after the performance, "Way to ruin an entertaining @Imaginedragons half-time concert with the weird rantings of a tired, has-been like @LilTunechi..." As expected, many of Wayne's fans slithered their way into his replies to trash the Governor. Perhaps the funniest response goes to one Wayne supporter who decided to play with Imagine Dragons' name, writing, "Imagine me draggin' deez nutz across yo face." Others stated that they would rather vote for "tired has-been" Lil Wayne over Bevin any day. 

The replies keep on rolling in in what appears to be the most random feud of the year so far. There's not too much to base this off of but Lil Wayne vs. Matt Bevin is certainly not something we expected in the New Year.