It's an era where damn near every single thing is documented on social media, at least to some degree. In some cases, some people actively threaten one another on Instagram Live, while others are quick to flash weaponry or broadcast illicit activity. It's gotten to the point where OGs like Ice-T have actively advised youngsters on the value of avoiding the dry-snitch altogether.  Now, Lil Wayne has come through to issue a similar reminder, drawing on one of his own iconic bars to drive the point home. 

Lil Wayne

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

"Real G’z move in silence like...." writes Tunechi, his statement feeling profound given all of the antics transpiring across social media. And while he didn't specify a catalyst behind his reminder, many were quick to draw their own conclusions. After all, Weezy's legendary bar from "6 Foot 7 Foot" has remained an unwaveringly relevant piece of advice, despite the fact that only a select few seem to adhere to it. In addition to the weight it carries, it's also a testament to Wayne's penmanship; which other artists are able to espouse their philosophies in such a clever punchline? 

Check out Wayne's simple tweet below, one that invites viewers to read between the lines. Insofar as enduring lines are concerned, do you think "Lasagna" deserves to join the likes of Mobb Deep's "Ain't no such thing as halfway crooks" and Wu-Tang's "Cash rules everything around me" in the defining rap principles of history?