It's Funeral season, so expect to see much more of Lil Wayne in the days to come. The rap icon released his 13th album last Friday (January 31), and since then, the Weezy takeover has been non-stop. The Funeral reviews have been positive thus far as outlets have stated that the project showcases the many faces of Lil Wayne throughout his career.

Daniel Boczarski / Stringer / Getty Images

On Wednesday (February 5), Wayne took to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon stage for a live performance of his Funeral track "Dreams." With The Roots backing him up, Weezy took center stage in a fur coat and sunglasses. “I’ve always been the artist that’s been left field,” the rapper recently told Entertainment Weekly. “I’ve always been whatever they want to call me, some Martian or whatever. I’ve always been that artist and that’s just the growth of who that artist is now.”

He was also asked about "Dreams," a song where he reflects on having a nightmare that he was broke. "That [song] right there was just perfect," Wayne said. "When I sang that hook I was like 'Okay I got it.' You know me, I’m a subject guy. You give me a subject, thank god I’m very creative with my words, and I have a wonderful personality, so I can stick to that subject real well and make something out of it. I’ve always been that guy." Watch his Tonight Show performance below.