Lil Wayne seemed to be shooting a music video for his joint track with XXXTentacion last year at the end of November. Pictures of the video shoot surfaced online and caused some mixed feelings among the deceased rapper's fans. The apparent use of a body double was interpreted as disrespectful by some, while others felt it was simply unnecessary. The context in which "Don't Cry" was created was surely taken into consideration by the production, which would entail a particular kind of mindfulness in creating the clip. Viewers can now get a first look about how the lookalike is represented in the official "Don't Cry" visuals. Watch the teaser after the jump.

 Jason Koerner/Getty Images

The greenscreen set pictured in the behind-the-scenes content had been transformed into a mystical land where camels trot over sand dunes. A prism peaks out of parting clouds at the beginning of the teaser. The next cuts feature fire play, sage burning, and libations, tapping into a transcendental atmosphere in line with the song's themes. Other locations are explored, including a massive temple. X's likeness is embodied in one shot of an uncanny silhouette.

 No official release date has been announced thus far. Lil Wayne simply captioned the teaser: "Koming Soon."