On Sunday this past week, we received the tragic news that both of Toya Wright's brothers were murdered in New Orleans, at the intersection of Pauge & North Miro in the 7th Ward. The brothers were shot and died as a result of their injuries-- the news was later confirmed by Toya with an Instagram post, where she asked users to pray for her family during what must be an extremely difficult time.

It's probably unsurprising given the severity of the incident, however it's being reported that Lil Wayne boarded a private jet that same day, in order to be by Toya and his daughter's side. Weezy was reportedly very close with both brothers and he was "devastated" by their deaths. One of Toya's brothers, Rudy, apparently lived with Wayne for some time as well.

Weezy stayed in his native New Orleans from Sunday until Thursday of this week. The funeral service for Toya's brothers is being held on Friday, however Wayne has decided not to attend in order to prevent a media frenzy.

R.I.P. Rudy and Josh Johnson.