It wasn't until this moment that we realized Lil Wayne needs a Netflix show where he's constantly answering fan questions. The legend has been promoting Bumbu on his Instagram page for a hot minute now and now, the partnership is paying off for the fans as Weezy is filming a series in The Bumbu Room, answering the most unexpected fan questions. The first edition was shared today as Wayne answered some pretty rough queries. Some left him stumped and others were pretty easy for him to divulge info for. When it came to his preference between Rihanna and Nicki Minaj, the answer should have been obvious to everybody.

Tunechi was asked whether he prefers Rihanna or Nicki Minaj and he quickly answered that Nicki takes the cake. "We would go into the studio and make beautiful music and then go into somewhere else and make beautiful something else," said the rapper. When it come to his preference between real booties or enhanced tushes, Weezy would happily choose a natural beauty over a woman who has gone under the knife. "I'm a real ass guy," insists Wayne.

The only true question that got him thinking was whether he would choose Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant on his all-time team. Ultimately, he extended apologies to the audience and went with Kobe. Being a Lakers fan myself, I believe he made a solid choice. Watch the full episode below and stay tuned for more editions.