Yesterday, Lil Wayne was performing as part of the A3C Festival when his set was severely shortened after gunshots were believed to have been fired. There remains no evidence that there was an actual shooting but Wayne was not about to risk it, leaving the premises with swiftness. 

In new footage captured by TMZ, Lil Wayne can be seen rushing from the stage to an SUV waiting to pick him up. Somebody in the crowd had reportedly yelled "Shots fired!" before panic ensued in the audience. There were some injuries after people were trampled trying to make their way out of the festival grounds but it appears that there wasn't an actual shooting. Weezy wasn't about to wait around though, being whisked away from the backstage area and getting straight into a waiting car.

Wayne has since tweeted out that he hopes everyone at the show is safe. In happier Weezy news, the man has just become the first artist to ever simultaneously debut two songs in the Top 5 of Billboard's Hot 100 chart. He's already gotten back in the studio too as Sosamann posted a photo of the pair getting some work done. Perhaps we're in for "What About Me" part two?

Check out the footage below.