Lil Wayne Funeralarrived just a week after the passing of Kobe Bryant in January. The rapper had always called Kobe his favorite, putting the late Laker legend ahead of Michael Jordan on his personal list. Wayne paid homage on Funeral in two different ways. He made the tracklist 24 songs long with track eight, "Bing James," holding a 24 second moment of silence -- both in tribute to Kobe's jersey numbers.

In a recent interview with Lil Wayne, the rapper detailed his admiration for Kobe in totality. Explaining that his last encounter was the most memorable, Lil Wayne said Kobe was the same on-and-off the court, applying the Mamba Mentality to not only being a great player but an even better person.

"I think the main thing for me is, what I admire the most is how it evolved,” he said in regards to Kobe's legacy. “He became a champion. It’s very hard to become a champion. Not to mention, he did it again—not to mention, he did it again—not to mention, he did it again and then again.”

Wayne also shared a preview of the upcoming video for "Mama Mia" which is scheduled to drop on Saturday morning at 8 a.m.. Peep the clips from the interview below and check out the HNHH review of Funeral here.