Toya Wright recently welcomed her new baby girl Reign into the world and her family and friends have been nothing but excited. Unfortunately, a photo of Toya's close friend, Tiny, holding the newborn has sparked some unnecessary hate online. 

After the Shade Room re-posted the picture below, some serious trolls had the audacity to comment calling baby reign ugly. Thankfully, Reign's older sister - Toya's oldest daughter - has already got her siblings back and posted a video going in on anyone who posted negative comments about her baby sister.  

"People so ratchet and tacky on Instagram... can't wait to find some shitt to say about how a brand new baby looks," Reginae Carter says in the video. "The baby looks tasty and healthy, and so does the person that's holding her in the pic. People are so toxic on Instagram. These are people that I wouldn't have near me in my hood."

"You can call me anything, but about Reign — that is a baby," she said. "She can't even say, 'Shut up.' That's what she needs to tell y'all, but she can't even say that. So, therefore, don't speak about her. You say she's cute and that's all. That's it."

Watch below.