At one point in his life, Widner "Flow" Degruy had a promising rap career. The New Orleans rapper signed to Lil Wayne's Young Money Entertainment back in 2012 and was once in a group with Kevin Gates and Gudda Gudda called L.A.T. However, the street life often beckons artists who are trying to break into entertainment as a way to better themselves, and soon, Degruy was in trouble with the law.

Chantell Edwards was surprised when New Orleans police officers knocked on her door back in 2015 and gave her the news that her son Widner may have been a participant in a double homicide that happened just around the corner from her home. She told them that she wasn't aware that Degruy had anything to do with such a crime, but later when she was cleaning her house, she uncovered an assault rifle and handgun hidden under a pile of clothing. She hid the guns in her home and when police came back with a search warrant, they didn't find anything.

She was later charged and pleaded guilty to being an accessory after the fact to second-degree murder.

Police say that 27-year-old Degruy and his associate Jonathan Evans shot two brothers, 22-year-old Kendrick and 18-year-old Kendred Bishop, as they sat inside a van. Authorities state that the found Degruy's phone at the scene and surveillance footage shows him at the location, as well. Kendrick Bishop and Degruy were both aspiring rappers and even recorded music together. Investigators believe the motive for the shooting stemmed from Degruy's belief that the brothers stole guns and cash from him.

Yesterday, Degruy's mother had to take the stand in her son's trial and testify against him. She said that he showed up at her house in the early morning hours saying that someone tried to rob him. Edwards testified that sometime before that she did hear gunshots outside, but she didn't know how long it was between the noise and Degruy coming to her door.

Degruy's attorney previously attempted to have his client's murder charges dismissed, but his request was denied. The case is currently ongoing and testimony is scheduled to continue today.