Lil Wayne was under fire in 2020 after deciding to pose next to Donald Trump. At the time, he faced much criticism for his decision to endorse Donald Trump for re-election, especially when there was a lot of uncertainty surrounding the outcome of the next election. Of course, the immediate response from many of Wayne's fans was that he simply took a picture to benefit himself somehow.

Wayne's lawyer insisted the rapper's endorsement of Trump had nothing to do with his pardon. Apparently, Wayne was simply a fan of the Platinum Plan. He was ultimately granted a pardon just as Trump made his departure from the White House. Rumblings of Trump granting the rapper clemency surfaced in the days leading up to Biden's inauguration and on his final day in office, Trump actually pulled through. The 45th president of the United States of America granted the rapper clemency who pleaded guilty to a federal gun charge in December. If it weren't for Trump, Wayne would still be looking at a 10-year sentence. The Presidential pardon was officially filed in a federal court in South Florida last week. 

A copy of the letter with Trump's signature and a seal from the Justice Department surfaced online earlier today, thanks to TMZ. "Be It Known, That This Day, I, Donald J. Trump, President Of The United States, Pursuant To My Powers Under Article II, Section 2, Clause 1, Of The Constitution Have Granted Unto Dwayne Michael Carter A Full And Unconditional Pardon," the letter reads.

Shortly after his pardon was announced, Weezy hit Twitter to offer Trump a public thank you for his efforts. "I want to thank President Trump for recognizing that I have so much more to give to my family, my art, and my community," he wrote. "I also want to thank @bradfordcohen for working so diligently to secure another chance for me. Love!"

Check it out below.