In case Lil Wayne was worried about having to pay a little extra in child support money, he's officially off the hook when it comes to a rumored fifth child. Last month, it was reported that Weezy had fathered a 16-year-old son by Keiotia Watson, whom he had a sexual relationship with in 2001. A paternity test was ordered in March to prove that he was the father of Dwayne Brown and the results have officially come in. According to TMZ, there is a 0.00% chance that Wayne is the father of Dwayne, dispelling any rumors that he may have been welcoming his fifth kid.

The paternity test was originally given to Wayne as he had refused to pay child support or establish paternity of Dwayne, which ended up working in his favor now that it has been proven that he is not the father of Watson's son. Although Keiotia previously claimed to have had a sexual relationship with the rapper in 2001, a zero percent chance of fatherhood pretty much clears things up for Weezy.

Wayne has been keeping himself busy, even without a fifth child, signing several athletes to Young Money Sports and chilling on and off with Birdman. Whether this is bad or good news for Wayne is yet to be seen but we're banking on the former. More information about the paternity test is available here.