Lil West Chooses Between Lil Wayne & Drake On "This Or That"

Alex Zidel
July 18, 2019 12:00

Lil West makes some important decisions on "This or That."

Delaware-raised rapper Lil West is currently proving why he's a major force to be reckoned with from the new class of hip-hop's upstart recording artists. With his Vex Pt. 1 project, he started a movement that we can't wait to see continue on the second instalment of the work. The release of "Bad" sees the young vocalist prepping his fans for the next chapter in his career and so far, the new era is sounding good.

We all know how difficult it can be to make even the most mundane decisions on a daily basis. Figuring out where you want to stop on the way home to get food is often a disaster and choosing between Netflix selections can be a tough pull at times. Lil West isn't immune to the hardships of regular life. He still has to choose between Wendy's and McDonald's, calling or texting, Instagram or Twitter, and more. Today, we're reviving our This or That series with none other than West, who stopped by the office to answer a series of important questions.

Right off the bat, Lil West had to choose between Oxtail and controlling the Aux Cord, picking the former because of his family's Jamaican roots. As for his social media preferences, he would go with IG over Twitter most days, simply because it's easier to pull chicks in the DMs. Things finally got difficult when West was forced to choose between Lil Wayne and Drake, landing with the latter because he never truly got into Weezy F Baby. "A lot of people be like, damn, I fucked with Wayne back in the day. I never really listened to Wayne, even like "Mr. Carter" and all that. I mean, I was fucking with No Ceilings. No Ceilings definitely was in my shit," said the young rapper.

Find out what Lil West goes for when he needs to pick either alcohol or weed, The Wire or The Sopranos, and more in the video above.

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