Lil Xan manages to always find himself in the news. The young man is one of the most controversial artists in the industry, continually getting himself into trouble. He's recently been more focused on his musical output, releasing a new video last week and teasing fans with even more content on the way. Over the weekend, he felt it was necessary to address a series of rumors about him after fans started accusing him of sexually molesting a fan. The leader of Xanarchy does not want any further negative press so he recorded a video to clear his name, saying that the girl in the photos with him is actually somebody he's been seeing.

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

"Are you guys fucking serious? You think that's a fan!?" asked the rapper on social media. He had previously been linked to Noah Cyrus and Annie Smith before calling it quits with both women. "Y'all saying I'm molesting a fan? That's a girl I'm talking to, you dumb ass motherfuckers. Her name is Dani Toorish." 

He went on to state that there will always be people trying to bring him down. "Y’all just wanna see me fall," wrote the "Betrayed" star in his caption. Xan is replying to a series of reports that were posted on gossip news websites like MediaTakeOut, showing photos of the artist grabbing a fan's behind as they embrace in the street. Clearly, he's still not one for all the talk on his name.