After "Betrayed" was released, Lil Xan began to absolutely blow up. His name was all over the place with countless people claiming he was next up. While he seemed like a sure bet to make the XXL Freshman List, Xan was unfortunately criticized after he stated his opinion on Tupac Shakur's legacy during an interview. Rating Pac's clout as a 2 out of 10, many of Xan's potential fans had a very bad taste left in their mouth, taking out their frustrations on him after the interview. While Diego may have sworn off of future interviews, he is still making music, currently planning his follow-up to Total Xanarchy

While even he has admitted that his debut album may have been rushed, the rapper has been feeling the effects of the public scrutiny, very publicly breaking down earlier this year. After keying his own car, Xan's mental state seemed to improve until he found out something new about his family. Diego was on Instagram Live when he revealed that he had discovered that his dad "is a crackhead." While members of his team appear to stop the young California rapper from divulging any more, Xan repeats the same statement several times, dumbfounded at the addiction on his father's side. The legitimacy of Diego's statement is unclear as, after his phone was seemingly knocked out of his hands, he can be heard exclaiming "that shit's gonna go so fuckin' viral." Whether or not he's trolling, addiction is never something to play around with and we hope his dad seeks help if the "crackhead" claim is true.

The video was captured by DJ Akademiks after the live stream. Lil Xan has shown reluctance when it comes to using heavy drugs despite his rap name so it comes as no surprise that he would be so upset.