Face tattoos are generally one of the biggest commitments to body art you can ever consider getting. If you're not working in the arts (or in the streets,) you're likely to have difficulty convincing someone to hire you if you have one. Lil Xan continues to pile up the facial art and while he already had a decent amount of ink on his visage, he's content with getting even more, which is exactly what he was showing off to his fans on Instagram.

The star recently brought back his controversial comments about Tupac, doubling down on them and embracing the hate that has been thrown his way. The 22-year-old has been known to cop some new ink to commemorate some of his favorite artists. You may recall him getting the dots on his nose after XXXTentacion passed away this year. Diego was directly affected by Mac Miller's passing last week as one of the many that reacted to his death. He opted to remember him forever on his skin, tatting "Memento Mori" above his eyebrow. That wasn't the only piece he got as he also got a tattoo dedicated to A Clockwork Orange, recreating Kubrick's masterpiece by getting some drops streaming directly below his eye.

The artist is clearly unbothered by the criticism he's been receiving, writing that he could "care less" if the new ink makes him "ugly" by traditional standards. According to him, "Ugly is the new beautiful." Do you agree?