It's never ideal when the masses dub you an "L-magnet," but the court of public opinion has all but sentenced Lil Xan to a life of ridicule. Granted, the young rapper has done little to rectify his public image, which took an undeniable hit after last year's controversial 2Pac disrespect. In any case, Xan's will has certainly been tested on a continuous basis, though for now, he remains stalwart on his journey to hip-hop stardom. Yet it seems as if every day hurls a new obstacle in his path.

TMZ reports that Xan's recent St. Louis show was canceled after somebody threatened gun violence. Apparently, Xan was supposed to perform at The Pageant, but the venue called the event off after a disturbing video surfaced, in which an unknown party threatened to shoot up the event. TMZ claims that promoters were well aware of the video, but decided to cancel at the last minute, assuming the risk was simply not worth it. 

It's unclear what prompted the threats, though it's entirely possible that Lil Xan's haters are simply that passionate in their loathing. So much so, that hatred for Xan defies all logic and reason, verging on psychopathy. We hope that Xan can emerge from this one unscathed, as the extents to which people go to sh*t on him seem to intensify with every passing day. It should be noted that Xan performed in Cincinnati the following evening, and as far as we know, it was smooth sailing.