Lil Xan has been one of the most talked about young artists in recent times and it hasn't been all positive. The rapper sparked controversy after saying 2Pac's music was boring and ultimately, facing a whole lot of backlash from members of the hip hop community. The rapper dropped off his debut album, Total Xanarchy after the whole 2Pac fiasco died down. The album was ultimately received with negative reviews across the board. While it's unsure if that was the cause of any of his mental issues, the rapper had a mental breakdown and keyed his Mercedes G-Wagon.  Thankfully, he's doing better and in a recent interview, he revealed what caused the breakdown in the first place.

Lil Xan was stopped by TMZ recently and explained what caused his recent mental breakdown. The "Betrayed" rapper revealed that his anxiety and heavy workload ultimately caught up to him which caused his to key his G-Wagon.

"Especially the workload and how much was on my plate at the time. I just needed to take a break so it was a mixture of a bunch of things and anxiety. I suffer anxiety pretty bad," he said.

When the rapper posted the video of him keying his Mercedes, he said that he felt like a slave to his management and that he didn't have control of his money.

Peep his conversation with TMZ below.