The hype around Lil Xan was incredibly short-lived, especially after his comments about Tupac. Xan did an interview as he was blowing up where he referred to Tupac's music as "boring" before getting a tongue-lashing from the rest of the hip-hop community. The controversy surrounding his comments became bigger than his actual music. If you recall, there was a video where Xan was confronted by someone at a gas station over his comments about 'Pac. Ultimately, Xan pulled out a gun, claiming he was protecting himself from being attacked.

According to TMZ, the man who confronted Lil Xan, Anthony Sanchez, is taking the rapper to court over the incident at a 7-Eleven. In the documents filed to court, Sanchez explains that he had started recording as he walked away from the incident after Xan pointed a gun at him. Even then, Sanchez says that Xan's finger was on and off the trigger the whole time.

The video shows Sanchez calling Xan a bitch, which he didn't disprove by pulling out a gun. Sanchez adds that afterward, Xan threw his cup out of the window and hit him. 

Sanchez is suing Lil Xan for assault and battery, claiming he suffered from several emotional distress over the incident. We'll keep you posted on any more updates.