It looks like Lil Yachty had time on Monday. The ATL rapper had a pretty entertaining back & forth exchange with edm producer Deadmau5 on Twitter that resulted in some shots being fired at one another.

It all started when Yachty hopped on Twitter and asked followers what EDM producer he should do a song with? “I wanna do a big edm song and perform it at one of those festivals, which edm DJ tryna make it with me?” he tweeted out. EDM producer Deadmau5 decided to reply and say “Im good, thanks,” rather than just ignoring the tweet altogether like most would. Then, Yachty’s big homie & frequent edm producer, Diplo, had his back and replied back to Deadmau5 in his parody account, saying “I don't think he was asking you, he said wanted to do a big song.”

Yachty eventually caught wind of Deadmau5's response, and decided to tell him “didn’t ask you in particular bitchnigga.” Then, Deadmau5 tried to smooth things out by asking to join him in an online video game of Players Unknown Battlegrounds, aka PUBG. Yachty said “suck my dick, I play fortnite,” to which Deadmau5 replied “god damn.” Who knows the seriousness of their tones as they could've been playing around, but it was definitely entertaining to say the least.

Check out the serious of exchanges (below).