If you're in the market for some feel-good, catchy tunes, your go-to artists probably include Kyle and Lil Yachty. The two have teamed up in the past for "iSpy" and it looks like more collaborations are in store for the future. Each of the two has an undeniably positive perspective on life. Kyle always sounds like he has the biggest smile in his music and Yachty has preached optimism in his sound. The two together just makes sense. Their latest song is set to be a love letter to their jeweler as they have begun teasing "Hey Julie."

SuperDuperKyle shared a video from his studio session with Lil Boat, detailing their workflow as they come up with the main melody for the hook. Yachty gives it a go before Kyle corrects him, encouraging him to make a game out of the repetition to make the track even more catchy. "Hey Julie, heard you got that wet wet wet/ Something for my neck neck neck/ Hey Julie, heard you got that drip, got that drip/ Something for my wrist/ for my wrist," sings the pair. 

Whoever Julie is, she's probably the person that keeps these two iced out on the regular. This song is sounding really good so far and it seems as though Kyle could release it any day. He asked Yachty if they should drop and so far, the comments have echoed a resounding yes. Are you feeling this upcoming single?