Billie Eilish has everyone talking. A lot of the conversation surrounding her name concerns her age, like how, at 17, she is the youngest artist to ever be nominated in all four of the Grammys' major categories. Or how, at 17, she's so young she doesn't even know what Van Halen is. Or how, at 17, Drake should not be texting her. Eilish recently revealed that the Canadian rapper is in her phone contacts and he's being dragged for how creepy that is.  

Another rapper is now being called out for creepiness in relation to Eilish: Lil B. On Saturday (Dec. 7), Lil B, who is 30, sent out the following confusing tweet: "Billie Ellish reminds me of girls that thinks Lil b is cute !! I felt like we dated before." Many people in the replies highlighted Billie's age and the inappropriateness of Lil B's remark. Lil Yachty was among this faction. 

Lil Yachty quote tweeted Lil B's tweet and reminded him "She is 17 bro". The Based God believes his initial tweet was misconstrued because he responded to Yachty, "Question for you is what you think I meant when I made that joke?" He then tried to clarify the intention behind his tweet. "Cuz she do got fans that’s grown and I have dated women that are my age that got a unique vibe ! Do you think it’s sexual what I said? Or romantic ? Just wondering cuz I ain’t think it was neither just somthing cute and funny!" However, it appears Lil B accepted that he was in the wrong because he also replied, "Enough said !"